Sunday, January 22, 2012

Always In Love - February 2012 desktop calendar

January is speeding by. I decided it was time to do the February 2012 desktop calendar. I ued a kit by Stargazer Musings called Always In Love. I also did 2 tags. I used Adobe PSCS4 with "show transform controls" enabled.

Tag 1 started as a blank 7oo pixels x 700 pixels. I filled the canvas with paper 12 & then added frame 1. I chose a poser by Krissy's Imaging Helena 5. I added gem heart1 & used the eraser to make it look like the poser was holding the heart. I then added the scalloped heart, applied the bevel & emboss effect. I used the font GE Signature Script. I tried different styles to the name on the heart until I found one I liked best (the font only had a number attached to it, so I can give no credit, sorry). I then put rose 6 in each corner. Always remember to include poser & tag information.

Tag 2 also started as a blank 700 pixels x 700 pixels. I used the circular selection tool to create a circle & filled it with paper 4 at 11%. I added a poser from Medievil Creations (medi_luanne6), then placed teddy bear 1 in her lap. The key trick when using the eraser to make it look like a poser is holding something is to temporarily lower the object's opacity so you can see the poser's hand, erase the overlap area & then return the object to 100% opacity. I used the GE Signature script font again.

Please Note: due to copyright issues with this kit mediafire has disabled the link to this desktop.
I will no longer be using any work by Stargazer Musings because of alleged copyright violations in her kits.

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