Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July 2010 desktop calendar

Well, spent most of yesterday in the ER. I've got an infection somewhere; not sure where - but my urine test showed large amounts of white cells, which is apparently a certain sign of infection.

So to be on the safe side, I'm posting the July desktop calendar early.

Friday, June 25, 2010

number of links - who's on what?

I've had a complaint about the number of zips my kits are divided into. The scrapbooking stores require designers keep their zips 30MB or smaller to accommodate those using dial-up internet. I know that dial-up times out on larger downloads - I switched to high speed because I needed to download government documents & I couldn't do it on dial-up, my connection would go down part way through every time.
I've been following store policy to make my kits accessible to dial-up users, but have no idea how many of you are using dial-up and how many are using high speed. I need some feedback - someone has requested larger zips (200 MB). If there are enough of you who would appreciate significantly larger zips, I could combine the smaller zips into larger zips, place them in a folder marked ld (large download), but with all the time I put into making the kits, zipping, uploading; well if you are on highspeed, downloading shouldn't be that much of a problem & hopefully those on dial-up appreiate me trying to make my kits available.
So I need to know - how many want 200 MB zips to download made available? Keep in mind that if I have to do this I may have to delete past freebies to make room in my account, so if there's only a couple of people who want this, it'll be a no-go.
Let me know, please?

Take care

Thursday, June 24, 2010

DSO colour challenge June 2010

This month, I was creating a kit for the colour challenge & realized I had 2 different themes running through my brain, so I split what I had created up to that point & tried to decide which theme to go with. Will it surprise you that I couldn't choose? So, it took almost all month, but I have 2 different kits created with the June 2010 colour palette.
June's Tune is a classic, somewhat elegant kit.

June Bug Jubilee is fun & playful.

Hope you like both kits. Feedback appreciated.