Thursday, March 21, 2013

Puddle Jumpers

Well, the saying I grew up hearing was "April showers bring May flowers", and right now I'm hoping the showers of April will be rain & not that white stuff we are still getting!
Anyway, Wicked Princess Scraps has a cute new kit called "Puddle Jumpers".
It reminded me of one of my first 'mouse drawn' cartoons.
I made an April 2013 desktop calendar for you to download.
I also made 2 tags. In Photoshop enable "show transform controls", in Photoshop Elements enable "show bounding box", in Paint Shop Pro, enable the "pic" tool. This allows easy resizing of elements after they are copied &pasted.
poser © Moody Designs
The background paper was applied at 1%.
A bevel & emboss effect was applied to the tree, the sun, the frog, the butterfly, and the bee. Drop shadow was applied to the poser & an outer glow was applied to the sun.
poser © Aisne
The background paper was applied at 5%.
Drop shadow was applied to everything  except the puddles on the ground.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Thinking of Spring

Wicked Princess Scraps has an absolutely adorable new FTU kit called Thinking of Spring
I've made you a freebie quick page.
I've also made 2 tags.
poser © Wyked Soulz
Tag 2 uses only papers & elements from the kit.



Tenia tags (FTU)

Wicked Princess Scraps did a FTU kit for an "Inspired by Elias" blog train called Tenia. The original link is no longer working but has been reloaded here.

I made 2 tags & used FTU posers for both.
poser © Coh Scraps
font Androgyne
I set the paper fill to a very small percentage, then it's a case of  simple copy, paste, resize by manipulating transform controls, & apply drop shadow to elements.

posers © Alexemadeit
font Calligraphy Pen
Same guidelines as tag01.

Both poser links have plenty of freebies & Wicked Princess Scraps has a bunch of freebie kits & even free cu products. Check it out & enjoy.