Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a variety of news & a free mini kit

sad news
Scrap Happiness is closing forever this Thursday. All the designers are slashing their prices for a goodbye sale. All my products are marked down to only $1 each.

Over at HeartbeatzCreationz there is a special countdown in progress - there is a special collaborative kit that will go to customer 200, provided that customer 200 has spent a minimum of $10. If customer 200 spends less than $10, the next customer who spends $10 wins the special kit.
The preview shows only a small portion of the actual kit. Originally the collab was for customer 1000 but after the store crashed the count was back to zero, and we switched to customer 200.
The designers have been drooling over this kit since the previews of individual contributions started going through our yahoo group mail. This is a one of a kind kit that only the winner will ever have, so most of us wouldn't mind being customer 200 ourselves - lol.
here is my portion's preview:

And now at long last, your freebie - originally designed to be part of Scrap Happiness' May free with purchase, it is now a special freebie for you.

A Day for Mom
So, check out Scrap Happiness' goodbye sale before everything is gone for good. And check out Heartbeatz Creations where there are great bargains to be had. You may be the lucky customer 200!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funky Garden

Hey y'all

I've just put a new kit into both my stores. It's based upon some of my digital abstracts.

This kit and all my other stuff, PU & CU is currently on sale.

check it out now (before I come to my senses - lol)

and now a freebie quick page from my new kit Funky Garden quick page

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Look & other news, including a new freebie


Do you like the new look? I made the new background layout using a kit by Crystal's Designs called Wild Rose. You can find her fabulous kit at Scrap Happiness.

Yesterday was quite the day - HeartbeatzCreationz was getting a facelift & the whole store crashed! Yikes! But everyone scrambled & worked together & the store is back up, with its new look & having a sale to celebrate.

Scrap Happiness is also looking for new designers and creative team members. Both great places, so if you're interested, apply.

Now that you've put up with my plugging the two great stores I design for, I have a freebie for you as a reward.

You may also notice I've added a slideshow to the bottom of my blog, with my latest scrapbook layouts. I'll be adding some old favorites once I track down my disc.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Love quick page freebie

I'm working on a new kit, and this time a freebie quick page is coming before the kit is anywhere near completed.
I started with it called Spring Seduction & then switched to Spring Love quick page. I dunno - which title do you think I should use for the kit? I've added a poll to the sidebar. Vote & let me know. Thanks.

Scrap Happiness has changed its look. It really is a great store & worth a visit.

Check it out. You won't regret it.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marmalade Jam & Snuggles 2

My new kit is now in my stores. Marmalade Jam has 30 full size papers & 97 elements & is on sale for 50% off for an introductory period of time.

I also have uploaded Snuggles 2, my 2nd collection of cu clipart.

I've made a set of quick pages for you from Marmalade Jam.

The photos are for illustration purposes & are not included in the download.


Spring Stuff - freebie kit

I've been busy creating. I have a new kit going into my stores & volume 2 of my Snuggles cu clipart. I'll post the previews once it's all safely uploaded. In the meantime, I have a kit I created for the colour challenge at Pretty Scrappy here for you as a freebie.

Spring Stuff is split into 3 files , all in the same download folder, so make sure you get the whole thing. The baskets are provided in both psp format & psd format to preserve their layers, so you can "fill" them as you please. The rest of the elements are in the usual png format, while the papers are jpg.
Don't forget, for the month of April, all my products are 50% off at HeartbeatzCreationz.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somebunny Special quick page & a special event

Head over to Heartbeatz Creationz this weekend for a bunch of special freebies & a 45% off sale.

My products are at 50% off for the month of April. Come May 1st, they go back to regular prices, so check it out before it's too late.

And I have a special quick page, just for you, my faithful blog readers.
Do you like it? Let me know. Comments encourage me to keep the freebies coming.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Romantic Rendezvous QP & a 50cent sale

a malfunction of my psp led to creation of a single element which then inspired more, not enough for a kit, but a nice quick page

Romantic Rendezvous qp

Now until Friday my entire store at HeartbeatzCreationz is on sale for 50 cents an item! It's a special, one-time sale, celebrating the academic acheivements of a fellow designer's daughter, despite a learning disability & the pessimism of the school system. A bunch of other designers have also put their products at 50 cents. I've already taken advantage of the sale myself.


Monday, April 6, 2009

DSO colour challenge - April

This month I actually had difficulty with the DSO colour challenge. When I'm working on a kit, if I make a piece that doesn't quite work with the kit, it goes in my "assorted" file. Well, the assorted file got quite a few additions while I was doing this kit!

But I did come up with a final product I'm happy with, complete with bonus quick page included.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Down to Earth addon

I enjoyed making my Down to Earth kit so much, I revisited the palette & created an addon.

It's available at both my stores for an introductory 50% off - just $1.50 for 10 full size papers & more than 50 elements. Here's the preview:

And, of course, I have a freebie quick page from the addon for you:
Of course, the download doesn't include the photos.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a new kit, a sale & a freebie, & a correction

Hey, I finished my new kit & I have a freebie quick page made from it for you. But speaking of free quick page, there was a problem when i saved the delighted quick page set & the photo openings weren't transparent as they should be. I fixed the problem & replaced the zip in the folder with a correctled version, so if you downloaded the set, please, re-download it now. The link is the same.

my new kit:

the quick page:

I thought it perfect for a heritage photo of my mother as a girl with her 2 brothers & their family dog.

I'm having a 50% off sale at Heartbeatz Creations

Check out the ScrapzinaHeartbeat new yahoo group - it's an advertising source where you can get first notification of new products & sales at a variety of venues, not just Heartbeatz Creationz & if you don't want a lot of email, you can set your membership on digest, no problem. There's a gallery with layouts & samples, too. The button is near the bottom of my blog righthand side toolbar.