Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 2011 desktop calendar

Monday was the worst day of my life - I took my beloved Smudge to the vet because she hasn't seemed to be feeling well & was bleeding from her tits. I thought she was worrying an allergic reaction to the point of bleeding (happened last year) but instead I got a bombshell - late stage mammory cancer. There was absolutely nothing that could be done, even painkillers would increase the bleeding. I had to make the agonizing decision to euthanize her. I plunged into depression. My brother brought me a new rescue cat Tuesday evening, so I now have a new reason to get out of bed.

I put together a bunch of stuff from my 'assorted' file to create a July 2011 desktop calendar.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

DSO colour challenge - Waiting for Warm Weather

It's unseasonably cool here, & it doesn't feel much like summer. I've been sick all month with way too many ambulance rides to ER (I HATE going to the ER). So I managed a kit for the June 2011 colour challenge at DSO, only 5 zips this time - lol. Waiting for Warm Weather is in a folder at my mediafire account.

If you download, please leave a comment either with the post or in my shout box - I need cheering up.


Friday, June 10, 2011

another batch of tags

ok first is a tag made months ago using Wicked Princess Scraps "Sweet Pea"

Second a tag using Shani's (Wicked Princess) Breathless Moments.

A tag for Shani's daughter Otelia using "Bee My Honey" by Gina (KiKeKa).

A tag for Shani's other daughter using Choubinette Designs "A Gentle Sweet Taste"

Last, but far from least, using Shani's Everybody Loves Chris" a tag for her son.

tags are about sharing one's original vision & expressing oneself, or expressing one's impression of a tag recipient - it's fun

Some Forgotten Melody qp set & tag

Ok. Been spending more time in hospital ERs than at home lately, but have managed to get a little bit of work done. Dare's Design has a new heritage type kit available called Some Forgotten Melody.

I've made a set of quick pages & done a tag.

I used Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4 to make the tag. Make sure "show transform controls" is enabled. Open a new transparent canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels, use the circular selection tool to create a circle & fill with background of choice (paper2).

Select your elements. I used musical notes (22) & victrola (23). Copy, paste, resize as needed, & position each element as desired. I used 5 copies of the musical notes - 4 copies were placed around the circle with parts overlapping the edges of the circle & then moved to layers below the circle, while 1 copy of the notes was placed on the layer above the victrola. I used a metallic style on these notes so they showed up against the background.

I then added my poser of choice (dnscraps' little lolita doll5) & applied an effect called 'hard edge' which is an exaggerated drop shadow.

I used different fonts on this tag: Bangle for the theme, Baroque Script for the name, & Arial for the tag information. I used an effect called 'groovy' on all the text, which is inner shadow+ outer glow+inner glow.

When I was finshed, I saved the tag in my program's default format (psd) & in a web friendly format (png).