Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

Got the winter blues? Wacky Winnie Designz has a cheerful & colourful kit called Fun Fun Fun. It certainly cheered me up & I had fun making an alternate February 2012 desktop calendar, a quick page freebie for you to download.
I also made 2 tags, using Adobe PSCS, with "show transform controls" enabled, both tags started as new transparent canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels.

Tag 1: Fill the canvas with your background of choice (paper 1 at 30%). Add a 2nd layer & use a selection tool to create a shape (circle) which should be filled with a background of choice (paper 17).

At this point you can choose the elements you want to use - there is an amazing quantity to choose from - one of the times the visibility toggle comes in handy -helps you decide between various elements.
Your choice of tube or poser will influence your other choices. I used a poser (sunkissD1) by Angelic Poserz.
I placed the kite behind the poser; it proved a good place to put the name.
I copy, paste, resize by manipulating the bounding box, & then play with positioning. Cupcake 2 was the element that needed the most resizing - it filled the entire space!
I also used flowers 1, 2, 3, dragonfly 2 & butterfly 1, and applied the bevel & emboss effect to each of these elements.
When I added the sunglasses 1, I reduced the opacity to better determine where to erase to make it appear the sunglasses were stuck in her hair. While I was doing this I noticed the sunglasses looked better at 74% opacity.
Tag recipient name uses GE Travel Script. The tag title uses Harmonica Bold, with a fire style applied. Tag information used Arial Narrow.
Tag 2: I wanted to showcase the range of this kit, highlighting the music elements. I created a circle which I filled with paper 20.
Then I hunted out the poser first, using the work of Luscious Digi Dolls (pink 4). I put music notes 1 behind her, added guitar 1, using the eraser to make the hand look like she was playing, & added wrap 1 as a guitar strap.
I added individual music notes 8 and 9.
Tag theme used Chantilly Medium font, while the name used Fidelio MN with both the bevel and emboss effect and outer glow applied. Tag info used Arial Narrow.

This kit truly is fun and a great cure for winter blahs.


Love or Lust

I worked with a tag kit from Stargazer Musings. The kit was created at 72dpi, so it wasn't suitable for quick pages. Don't let the fact that I used certain elements in both tags - there are plenty of elements in this kit.

Both tags began as blank 700 pixel x 700 pixel canvas in Adobe PSCS 4, with "show transform controls" enabled.

Tag 1: I filled the canvas with paper 4, added frame 1, & filled the frame with paper 1. I placed top swag 2 at the top of the frame & added knot 1 & rose 2 to each end of the swag. I used a poser called goth bride 5 by Digicats Imaging, used the outer glow effect, & added diamond heart 1 to the poser's hand. Diamond heart 2 served as a name plate, decorated by rose 2. I used a font called Starbabe HMK Bold for both tags. Always remember to add tag information - poser/tube credit & tag maker identity.

Tag 2: I hunted through my files & chose a free psp tube from (tube 460).

I opened a 700 pixel x 700 pixel canvas & created a circle with the circular selection tool, then filled the circle with paper 3 set at 10%. I topped the circle with ruffled heart 1, added the tube, used ruffled heart 2 for the name, applied drop shadow to the name & decorated the name heart with rose 2, with drop shadow applied.


Paris Elegance

Wicked Princess Scraps has a gorgeous kit, available exclusively at PTE, called Paris. The kit was designed to go with a specific tube, but I hade a set of Marilyn posers from Medi that were perfect to go with the kit.

I made 2 tags & a quick page freebie.

Both tags were made using Adobe PSCS 4, with "show transform controls" enabled & started with blank 700 pixels x 700 pixels canvases. I had to add that doggie in both tags, because I think it is so cute. I also added diamonds to the Marilyn posers. In both tags certain elements were made background elements by reducing their opacity to 70%. Reducing opacity temporarily is a easy way to see what to erase when 'placing' an item in a poser's hand.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Always In Love - February 2012 desktop calendar

January is speeding by. I decided it was time to do the February 2012 desktop calendar. I ued a kit by Stargazer Musings called Always In Love. I also did 2 tags. I used Adobe PSCS4 with "show transform controls" enabled.

Tag 1 started as a blank 7oo pixels x 700 pixels. I filled the canvas with paper 12 & then added frame 1. I chose a poser by Krissy's Imaging Helena 5. I added gem heart1 & used the eraser to make it look like the poser was holding the heart. I then added the scalloped heart, applied the bevel & emboss effect. I used the font GE Signature Script. I tried different styles to the name on the heart until I found one I liked best (the font only had a number attached to it, so I can give no credit, sorry). I then put rose 6 in each corner. Always remember to include poser & tag information.

Tag 2 also started as a blank 700 pixels x 700 pixels. I used the circular selection tool to create a circle & filled it with paper 4 at 11%. I added a poser from Medievil Creations (medi_luanne6), then placed teddy bear 1 in her lap. The key trick when using the eraser to make it look like a poser is holding something is to temporarily lower the object's opacity so you can see the poser's hand, erase the overlap area & then return the object to 100% opacity. I used the GE Signature script font again.

Please Note: due to copyright issues with this kit mediafire has disabled the link to this desktop.
I will no longer be using any work by Stargazer Musings because of alleged copyright violations in her kits.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strawberry Kisses

Well, shout box has discontinued their free plan & at this time I can't afford to pay, but you don't have to do any image verification to leave a regular comment, so please consider doing so. I will appreciate it.

I entered an abc challenge this month that featured the letter "P". I decided to use some adorable pictures I snapped approximately 30 years ago. I chose Strawberry Kisses by Wicked Princess Scraps to do the layout.

Isn't she cute? Jen, I will always love you.

Then I made a simple tag, making copies for friends. As always I used Adobe PSCS4 with "show transform controls" enabled. After opening a new transparent canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels, I used the heart wreath frame as a base, filling the opening with paper 14, then applying the bevel & emboss effect to the frame. I adorned the frame with satin flower & butterfly, applying the bevel & emboss effect to both, then additionally applying drop shadow to the butterfly. I used a poser by Mystical Illusions (miz-Sarabeth cookie 2010-5). The font is Renaissance. Always remember to include tag info, usually in a smaller font.

Hope you like it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

For the Love of Jewel

Ok. I also played with Shani's kit For the Love of Jewel. The result: 2 layouts with matching quick pages & some snag tags. Download on mediafire.

Both tags use posers from Medievil Creations. I used Adobe PSCS4 with "show transform controls" (or your program's equivalent).

Both tags bagan with a blank canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels.

Tag one used paper7, rose, rose 2 & butterfly along with medi_plumloving6 & ATOldFashionedScript. I applied a hard edged effect to the text to help it stand out. I also use a small font to add tag information.

Tag two used paper9, birdhouse, bird1 & 2, teacup3, teapot, tray3, cupcake, pitcher, sugar bowl.

I used posers: Springflower1, Plumloving5, Alba5, Starla4 & added flower & rose2 to the 2 posers that did mot come with flowers in their hair.


Winter Frost

Last winter I made a desktop calendar using a kit called Winter Frost by Stargazer Musings. Soon after Shani invited her to access the Wicked Princess Scraps CT. I injured myself last week & have been playing off & on with my Adobe PSCS4 to distract myself from pain. I revisited Winter Frost & created a quick page, a layout, & a tag.

For the tag open a new blnk canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels and make sure "show transform controls" or your program's equivalent is enabled.

I filled the background with paper 2, then added frame3, and filled the inside of the frame with paper1.

I love Medievil Creation posers & for this tag I used Medi_odetteserenade2. Next I embellished the frame with branch6, poinsttia1, and pinecone1, and applied the bevel & emboss effect on all 3.

The font is called Diamond & I applied the hard edge effect I imported from photoshop elements.