Wednesday, February 1, 2012

till death do us part - gothic style

Ok, Wicked Princess Scraps has a new tag kit called Till Death Do Us Part, created at 300 dpi, and featuring 4 Gothic bride posers from Lisa K. Now, goth isn't my style by any stretch of the imagination, but this time I got some immediate ideas

I did a quick page for you, as well as 2 tags. I used Adobe PSCS 4 with "show transform controls" enabled, starting with new transparent canvases, 700 pixels x 700 pixels.

Tag 1 started with filling the canvas with paper 2. I then used copy and paste to add paper 7 so I could change the positioning
Using a dark paper over a bright background helps create an illusion of depth. Lowering the opacity level of background elements (cake, champagne bottle, and goblet) also adds to the illusion of depth.
Now the poser (Gothic Bride satin) seems to pop out more.
I used 3 different fonts: Franklin Gothic Medium for main text, GE Scrim Script for the accented word in the main text, and GE Travel Script for the name. I used a smaller size of Franklin Goth to add the tag information.

Tag 2 began with a circle filled with paper 3.Then copy and paste added the elements I chose (piano, bench, piano keys, and music notes.) I added an edge effect and drop shadow to the music notes. I added the poser (Gothic Bride lace 2), and applied bevel & emboss & outer glow. I used GE Travel Script for all the text, simply adjusting font size.