Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 2012 desktop and laptop calendars

I re-visited Tropical Oasis by Wicked Princess Scraps to make July 2012 calendars.
Just in time, eh?


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grampa's Attic

When I was little, I once got to explore one my great-aunt's attic -to me it was so worth the struggle witg the stairs. She, however, was too nervous about the stairs to allow me to go up there again. My grandfather collected old-style implements and passed along an appreciation for things from previous generations.
BLT  DeZignZ has a kit called Grampa's Attic in both full and tag size.

I've made a set of 2 quick pages.
Download here
I also used some old-fashioned looking child posers from Elisa Designs to make 2 tags.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OJ Crush

I love orange so when I saw the collaboration between GrnIzDezinez and Wicked Princess Scraps, I had to play with it.

I got to have fun, fun, fun. You get 2 quick pages downloadable from Media Fire.
The first quick page is from the portion by GrnIzDezinez (Shannon), the second is from the portion by Wicked Princess Scraps (Shani). I also made 2 tags apiece for a total of 4.


Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday I worked with Stargazer Musings Glamorous.
I made two quick pages and 2 tags. Both tags feature posers by MediEvil Creations from her Marilyn Pink Diamonds set.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For Dedicated Moms Everywhere

First off - my apologies for my absence, but life suddenly got extra busy. Secondly, apparently blogger thinks my calendar previews are too large & has blurred them into unrecognizable blobs - future previews will be smaller to hopefully avoid this problem.
I have been having so much fun working with a kit by Wicked Princess Scraps called Little Mrs. Debbie. With over 100 elements it offers so many options, especially for virtual decorating, which I really enjoy doing (the furniture is so easy to move and painting takes no time at all - lol).

I made 2 quick pages & 3 tags. The first quick page is dedicated to my sister of the heart, Roberta, who has been a foster mother for many many years and now specializes in special needs little ones.Robbie, you are truly extraordinary and I love and admire you so much.
For all you do, Roberta, this on's for you.

Tag 1 uses a  poser by Sinful Mindz, who has unfortunately disappeared off the internet and whose work is no longer available.
Tag 2 uses a poser by a lady who used to design as Lassie. She now uses a different design name & makes a different style of poser, so unfortunately this poser is also no longer available.
Tag 3 uses a poser from Graphics by Belle. She makes some of her work available on her website, and even has some limited things for sale ( I forget where, sorry), but makes most graphics available through her yahoo group.
A kit like this makes you aware how few posers or tubes there are of women looking like mothers doing motherly stuff - hint, hint to all those making posers & tubes.