Saturday, December 31, 2011

a Romantic quick page & some tags

Ok - last post I shared the January desktop calendar I made with Shani's Golden Nights. I played around more with the kit & made 2 tags & a quick page freebie. I had to do a grocery run today & my wheelchair bumping over the crumby sidewalks has given me quite the backache, so I'm not going to type out tutorials. The tags are basic copy, paste, resize & position as desired.

This kit has loads of potential & I would recommend it.

Enjoy & please stay safe tonight.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Start 2012 on the right note!

I know I already posted a january desktop, but then I got a look at Wicked Princess' new kit called Golden Nights, tagger size, 300 dpi.

For some reason mediafire absolutely refused to cooperate, so this one went into my 4shared account. Starting on the Right Note

If you haven't already done so, bookmark Shani's blog; don't let the "Wicked"part fool you, she's a talented designer, caring friend and wonderful person.


Monday, December 26, 2011

January 2012 desktop

I used Rena Designs Magic Night Frosty Winter to make the desktop calendar for January 2012.

Quick Page contest

Cool Scrap Digital is having a quick page contest which means you get my entry as a freebie. I used a kit by Scrapper's Delights called Papillions.

enjoy (& consider voting for my entry)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

cute kids - a Christmas Tradition

My friend has a very cute littke boy & she likes to set up cute photos - so, licking the gingerbread house was mommy's idea! The visit with the big guy in the red suit was taken at Devonshire Mall. I was very picky about what kit to use to scrap these photos & picked Christmas Traditions by Broken Sky Dezine.

I made the gingerbread layout into a quick page for you.


corrected December 2011 calendar

Ok. I screwed up - I used an inaccurate calendar grid for my December desktop. Corrected version here.
Sorry about that.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

December 2011 desktop calendar

Cherished Moments, one of several new kits from Wicked Princess Scraps, made a wonderful December 2011 desktop calendar.

It's Snow Good

DSO colour challenge
5 zips:6 papers & 112 elements

Friday, October 28, 2011

November 2011 desktop

ok both my laptop and desktop need to go into the shop but I decided to send them in one at a time

unfortunately my winzip is not allowing zipping up, so the 2 sizes of November desktop calendar are in separate files

I used Golden Autumn from Kissed by Cari


Monday, October 3, 2011

October desktop calendar

ok, a couple of days late because my computer is trying to drive me insane! but i do have an October 2011 desktop calendar freebie in 2 sizes, for desktop or laptop.


autumn quick page

My CS4 has crashed & also refuses to install on my laptop - I'm practically pulling my hair out trying to figure out the problem. I had just finished some work but had saved it in psd & had to get things into a more user friendly format.

I used Autumn Fantasy by Diva Designz, available in tag or full sizes, with lovely posers included.

I made a quick page freebie & I made a tag for Mandy.

My muscles are extra spastic today & I can hardly type, so no tutorial this time.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 2011 desktop calendar

Ok, I am back, sort of. It's been a couple of difficult months. My furry baby, Smudge turned out to have late stage mammory cancer & I had to take the agonizing step of having her put to sleep. because I plunged into depression, my brother got me a new furry baby from a rescue organization & her name is Emily. Not long afterward, my apartment was hit by bedbugs & Emily & I had to evacuate to my parents. The organization that manages my care hired a company to prepare my apartment for the pest control steps. Almost everything was thrown out so I am trying to replace the essentials. Although the company agreed software & accompanying manuals as well as my computer equipment did not need to be discarded, all my design software disappeared along with 2 flash drives & 2 MP3 players. Add in health problems & doctor appointments & it'll be awhile til I'm back into my groove.

I hunted down a kit by Babycakes Scraps called Love Song to do a September desktop because still having June on my desktop was confusing me - lol.

2 sizes, desktop & laptop

please bear with me as I struggle to get my life back in order


Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 2011 desktop calendar

Monday was the worst day of my life - I took my beloved Smudge to the vet because she hasn't seemed to be feeling well & was bleeding from her tits. I thought she was worrying an allergic reaction to the point of bleeding (happened last year) but instead I got a bombshell - late stage mammory cancer. There was absolutely nothing that could be done, even painkillers would increase the bleeding. I had to make the agonizing decision to euthanize her. I plunged into depression. My brother brought me a new rescue cat Tuesday evening, so I now have a new reason to get out of bed.

I put together a bunch of stuff from my 'assorted' file to create a July 2011 desktop calendar.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

DSO colour challenge - Waiting for Warm Weather

It's unseasonably cool here, & it doesn't feel much like summer. I've been sick all month with way too many ambulance rides to ER (I HATE going to the ER). So I managed a kit for the June 2011 colour challenge at DSO, only 5 zips this time - lol. Waiting for Warm Weather is in a folder at my mediafire account.

If you download, please leave a comment either with the post or in my shout box - I need cheering up.


Friday, June 10, 2011

another batch of tags

ok first is a tag made months ago using Wicked Princess Scraps "Sweet Pea"

Second a tag using Shani's (Wicked Princess) Breathless Moments.

A tag for Shani's daughter Otelia using "Bee My Honey" by Gina (KiKeKa).

A tag for Shani's other daughter using Choubinette Designs "A Gentle Sweet Taste"

Last, but far from least, using Shani's Everybody Loves Chris" a tag for her son.

tags are about sharing one's original vision & expressing oneself, or expressing one's impression of a tag recipient - it's fun

Some Forgotten Melody qp set & tag

Ok. Been spending more time in hospital ERs than at home lately, but have managed to get a little bit of work done. Dare's Design has a new heritage type kit available called Some Forgotten Melody.

I've made a set of quick pages & done a tag.

I used Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4 to make the tag. Make sure "show transform controls" is enabled. Open a new transparent canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels, use the circular selection tool to create a circle & fill with background of choice (paper2).

Select your elements. I used musical notes (22) & victrola (23). Copy, paste, resize as needed, & position each element as desired. I used 5 copies of the musical notes - 4 copies were placed around the circle with parts overlapping the edges of the circle & then moved to layers below the circle, while 1 copy of the notes was placed on the layer above the victrola. I used a metallic style on these notes so they showed up against the background.

I then added my poser of choice (dnscraps' little lolita doll5) & applied an effect called 'hard edge' which is an exaggerated drop shadow.

I used different fonts on this tag: Bangle for the theme, Baroque Script for the name, & Arial for the tag information. I used an effect called 'groovy' on all the text, which is inner shadow+ outer glow+inner glow.

When I was finshed, I saved the tag in my program's default format (psd) & in a web friendly format (png).


Friday, May 27, 2011

June 2011 desktop calendars

I have a choice of June 2011 desktop calendars for you. Calendar choice 1 is made using Tamaso Fantasy by Wacky Winnie Designz. Calendar choice 2 is made using Fairyland by Wicked Princess Scraps.


Monday, May 23, 2011

A bunch of new stuff


Let's see if I can get all my new tags posted here. As I mentioned in the previous post Shani is making so many new kits, I can hardly keep up. Check out her blog.

Going Deep is a gorgeous nautical themed kit. I made a quick page set & a couple of tags.

As usual I used Photoshop Creative Suite 4, with "show transform controls' checked to allow easy resizing of elements.

Going Deep tag 1

Open a blank 700 pixel x 700 pixel canvas. Fill with background paper of choice (paper 10). A gorgeous cluster frame provides an excellant starting point for an easy tag. I positioned the palm tree & boat 2 behind the frame, showing in the opening of the frame. I placed the ship in a bottle on top of the frame & then added 2 FTU tubes (sea-sight2 & shipping&handling2) from Popeye Wong. For Shani's name I used Antsy Pants font & applied an elegant grunge style by Carmel Creations Designs. Even when using FTU tubes or posers be certain to put proper credits on the tag, using a small font.

Going Deep tag 2

Open a blank 700 pixel x 700 pixel canvas, use circular selection tool to create a circle & fill with background of choice (paper 4). I used the sos lifesaver as a focal frame, applying bevel & emboss to make it stand out. In the layers beneath the frame I placed the sailboat with opacity reduced to 75%, the rock, rotated & with opacity reduced to 75%, & the lighthouse with opacity reduced to 70%. On the layers above the frame I placed the barrel, with bird2 atop the barrel. I applied bevel & emboss to the bird. The original colour of the anchor clashed with the liesaver, so I applied another elegant grunge style to the anchor. I used Sailorette4 by Krissy's Imaging as my poser of choice. I used Arial 4 for tag credits, right clicking on the text in the layers palette, choosing warp text, & slightly bending the text. for the main name I used Candice Script with a rusted blue metal style from Darq Illusions applied. The speech bubble is found in preset shapes. I used Cooper Black font for the 'Ahoy' & Comic Sans for the rest of the speech.

With Shani's tag kit Smokin' I made 2 tags, but the adult content of the tube I used in the first tag makes it inappropriate for posting here. I will post it on the CT blog for Wicked Princess Scraps. The second tag is called 'Girls Night Out'.

Smokin' - Girls Night Out

Start with a blank canvas, 700 pixels x 700 pixels. fill with background of choice (paper 20) then add new layer, create a circle with the circular selection tool & fill with background of choice (paper 6). I created a bedroom scene with the armoire, lamp, highback chair & mirror. I added outer glow on the lamp. I also added 2 copies of the matini glass, the polka dotted shoes & 2 copies of the other shoe. I used ftu tubes from Popeye Wong (forbidden path & lost-in-between). To create a reflection in the mirror, copy the appropriate area & paste onto the layer above the mirror, then decrease image opacity until the reflection looks right to you (57%). The wording uses Calamity Jane NF while the name uses CaslonNo540SwaD. I then applied an effect found in Photoshop called 'wow neon red on' to the text.

I used Shani's New Orleans Mardi Gras flavoured freebie 'laissez les bon temps roulez' & a free to use tube by Popeye Wong (grab life by the pole) to make a fun tag for a friend. I used paper 1 as a background filling a 700 pixel x 700 pixel canvas, added the stairway (bevel & emboss & drop shadow), the balcony railing (bevel & emboss) & placed the feathered mask in the figure's hand. the main wording is in Annabel Script, while the name is in Baroque with an effect called 'wow neon green on'. Check out Shani's blog for many wonderful ftu kits.

I've wanted to do an anti-bullying tag & found the right tubes for the tag from Popeye Wong (ballet teacher & black eye). I used paper 1 & drapery from Wicked Princess' Dark Angel kit.

The font is Gweet Hmk bold, the sentiment is mine.

You know what - I added a single rose to my other tag made with 'Smokin' to create a 'G' version. The tube is a ftu from Popeye Wong called 'a sharp kick'. I used paper 4, buildings, drapery, champagne bottle bucket, champagne flute, lips, & stand, with rose being added to hide the slight adult content (or you can skip the rose).