Monday, August 9, 2010

September 2010 desktop calendar

I decided to make sure I got the September desktop calendar finished & posted early since I am going into the hospital for surgery later this month.
I tried something a little different this time & used Wicked Princess' tag kit called Victoria Dove. It's on sale right now, if you're interested. There was so much in the kit it was hard to choose what to use.

Last month I tried uploading to Media Fire & couldn't find the file after it said it was uploaded, but I tried again with the desktop & this time it worked (I hope). Anyway I switched because 4 shared has gotten so ridiculous with their wait times for free users & I can't afford a premium account (with its premium price tag). September 2010 desktop
Hope you like it.

1 comment:

jacqueline said...

I hope you will return soon from hospital and feeling very well afterwerths.I do like you desktop,it's just my style;-)
Gonna put it on my's a pretty one ,thanks;

grtz jacqueline