Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unbearably Cute mini

What a month & it's not even halfway. An uneven haircut I hope to get fixed next week, at Walmart someone sneaked up behind me & stole a bag from the handle of my wheelchair, but when they discovered their haul was paperback books they abandoned it in the ladies change room (staff recovered the bag & I can get it from a friend who works there when I see her next month), & a taxi driver who didn't listen & drove the meter up to over $20 taking me where he thought I should go instead of where I said I wanted to go! And then we get more snow!

I couldn't decide what to do for the monthly color challenge at the Studio had a few attempts that went nowhere, so I played in Paint Shop to create a bunch of patterns, and then created a mini kit using the patterns in some cute elements. The mini kit & quick page set can be downloaded here.

I put photos into the quick pages, for display purposes only. The cutie in the photos is my cousin's granddaughter, photo credit A. Bauhaus.


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