Friday, February 13, 2009

ooops - early departure- sorry

I looked at the calendar wrong & goofed - the blog train isn't scheduled to depart until Monday!
Sorry about any confusion. I'm going to leave my contribution up, though. Just don't follow the list until Monday.
Again, I'm sorry for my goof.

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Candie said...

Hi sweetie, TY so much for posting on in my C-box..and ty for following my blog. I pulled my FOLLOW ME thingy because it was sending out daily...even if I hadn't posted! I tried to fix it...but no luck so I deleted it. I usually post on Saturdays, sometime during the week. Either way, if you miss my post, you can always catch it at another time. :-) I will leave my FREEBIES up from Oct 1st until Oct 1st the next year. Meaning Oct 2, 2009 All current freebies will be deleted. :-) Anyway, TY so much and YES, there is another FREEBIE coming tomorrow, maybe later today. HINT*** it's Called "Spring Fling'n". Please drop by again, and it's good to know I have a follower on my side. *wink*