Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

Still playing catch-up, posting work I did on my laptop while I was sick. I made 2 tags with Sweet Valentine by Stargazer Musings.

I used PSP10 with "pick tool" enabled. Both tags started as blank transparent canvas 700 pixels x 700 pixels.

Tag 1 used background paper 1, & 2 copies of the diamond heart frame with the frames filled in with an appropriate co-ordinating colour. I used 2 posers from Luscious Digi Dolls, Cherie 3 & one of her freebies.
I also used rose 5 & rose 7.
Theme words used Heart Heaven font while name used Country Hearts font, both found at

Tag 2 used paper 2 background, & rose frame 1, with center filled with compimentary colour. I used
Valentine Cookie Four-4 by Coh Scraps, placed bow 11 in her hair & gemstone heart 1 into her hand, temporarily adusting opacity of heart to see which parts to erase to make the hand "hold" the heart.
Theme words used Be My Valentine font while name used Sweethearts BV font, from



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