Friday, March 15, 2013

Tenia tags (FTU)

Wicked Princess Scraps did a FTU kit for an "Inspired by Elias" blog train called Tenia. The original link is no longer working but has been reloaded here.

I made 2 tags & used FTU posers for both.
poser © Coh Scraps
font Androgyne
I set the paper fill to a very small percentage, then it's a case of  simple copy, paste, resize by manipulating transform controls, & apply drop shadow to elements.

posers © Alexemadeit
font Calligraphy Pen
Same guidelines as tag01.

Both poser links have plenty of freebies & Wicked Princess Scraps has a bunch of freebie kits & even free cu products. Check it out & enjoy.

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