Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tag with tutorial

I can't sleep. I'm in too much pain. So I looked through my tag kits & my posers & created a tag, writing the tutorial as I went.
I used a tag kit by TaggingAngelsNScraps called My Love. I picked up the kit a while back but it is currently on sale for a very low price. It's a lovely kit. I would have made you some quick pages, but the kit was created at 72 dpi & so quick pages would look fine digitally, but wouldn't fare well printed out. If the bulk of you don't bother printing your pages out & would like a quick page or two made from this kit, leave me a note in my chatbox or as a comment & as long as the majority don't object, I will oblige. Here's a preview of the kit:

Now, on to the tag & tutorial. I finally stumbled onto the trick of being able to easily resize elements in Paint Shop Pro, the same way I do in Photoshop. Using the Pick tool activates the bounding box & you just take hold of a corner of that bounding box & adjust as desired.

Tutorial for Walking In Love Tag

What I used:
A tag kit by Tagging Angels N Scraps called “My Love” available here:
You can also check out her blog
A free poser (032), which is available from Please read & follow their terms of use.

What I did:
I used Paint Shop Pro XI to create this tag. For ease in resizing & positioning elements be sure to have the pick tool available on your tool bar, which when activated displays a bounding box around the element that can be adjusted.
1. Begin with a transparent document 600 pixels x 600 pixels. This will be resized later, but it is easiest to get the beginning steps the correct dimensions if you start out at this size.
2. Use the preset shapes tool to create a heart that fills the canvas. Fill with the background of choice (paper 2). Copy & paste a heart frame (heart eyelet frame 1), which should cover your heart shape.
3. Time to resize the canvas: Image>Canvas Size> 800 pixels x 800 pixels.
4. Copy & paste one of the lace doilies (doily 1). Layer>Arrange>Send to bottom. Activate the pick tool & resize the doily to almost fill the canvas.
5. Within the Layer palette, highlight your layer with the heart frame & apply drop shadow (Effects>3D>Drop shadow).
6. Chose a bow (fancy bow 1). Copy, paste & position at the cleft in the heart frame, resizing as needed. Apply drop shadow.
7. Chose a butterfly (butterfly 1). Copy, paste & position on top left lobe of heart frame, resizing as desired. Apply drop shadow.
8. Copy, paste & position the poser of your choice, resizing if necessary. Apply drop shadow. If appropriate chose an element for the poser to hold. In this case I chose fan 3. Copy, paste & position element, resizing as needed. Apply drop shadow.
9. Choose your font, text size & text colour & type desired name in the region of the right lobe of the heart frame. I used a brown glitter, font Bix Antique Script HMK Bold size 26. If desired, apply an effect to text. I used Effects>3D>Chisel>transparent thin. Use a smaller font, in a visible but unobtrusive colour to add necessary tag information along the bottom. I copied the credit info from the poser site & pasted it, then matched it with Arial 3.
10. Merge visible & save.


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